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Setting out with the slogan of “Everybody should have a character”, LUYANO has adopted this idea and has been one of the firsts of the companies that are active in the industry of giftware and desktop ware in Turkey. The character that we have determined for our company, founded in December 2004, has been the figure of “CAT”. When looked from the eyes of consumers and throughout Turkey, the “CAT” figure has become an identity for LUYANO, and it has become a Turkish Brand, very well-known throughout Turkey, as being a character, able to speak on behalf of Luyano. Our brands are known as “LunArt” and “CATS by Luyano”.

While the fact that we have adopted the idea of “CAT” as a brand character for Luyano meets with applause by ever so much people, it has conduced the question of “Why Cat?” at the same time. As for responding to this question, we believe that we give enough hint by saying “We address to a Feminine mass in accordance with the sector that we are in. ‘Cat’ is the only living-being paradigm for the Feminine character except for human-beings”.
For a true retail business for today and the future, our idea is “getting an original concept formed under a theme together with the consumer under a Brand having a reliable substructure as well as a true presentation and brand awareness”. As for the work of getting together, the idea of “How should it be besides Online Shopping Platforms?” has helped us create two models. We have developed projects for Kiosk and Little Store models. Following the requirements of the present day, a lack of time in the area of shopping draws people towards big Shopping Centers and significant Street Stores that are well-known. Considering the rent and general expenses of these places, we have aimed at the idea that “We should provide this presentation within minimum scaled areas”. When demands for distributorship come, we share necessary details with those who would like to be investors.
Our target is offering an optimum price range while determining the products including both functionality and the feature of giftware, together with original, amiable and amusing design works, and presenting them with special package.

Having both home and imported products, it is insured with the support of our contract manufacturers that we work without compromising our quality. While our “CATS by Luyano” products include the “CAT” figure, our “LunArt” is the brand that we make use of for other collections.
Having a vision for introducing the original products selected from Global Brands to the Turkish Market as well, we, for instance, market Porcelain handmade products that have a considerable place all over the world with the Brand named FRANZ. In addition, similar-featured brands are followed and offered for sale when circumstances become proper.

Our Online sales can be accessed from the directions in our Home Page. For the demands of distributorship, we request you to fill and forward the form in our Home Page.

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Address: Necati Bey Caddesi Akçe Sokak, No.10 Akçe Han Kat 2 Karaköy - İstanbul - Türkiye

Phone: +90 212 292 3163

Fax: +90 212 292 3163

E-Mail: info@luyano.com.tr