Cats by Luyano

LUYANO Ltd.Şti. established at the end of 2004 has a mission to be a brand in the sector to value the design.

Luyano has implemented many innovative ideas on behalf of itself and it has created a young company image by being a pioneer in the sector. Adopting the idea  that every brand should have its  own symbol, it has used a cat in its logo. (Luyano is the first in the sector to use cats)

While Luyano has gained fame in the sector with its many collections in which cat designs were used, it also has created awareness and gained achievements in the

** Product Information;

Luyano is a unique brand with its concept in terms of porcelain, glass, ceramic and kitchen products as well as gift objects . With its mission that is always caring for  the design. Luyano has always valued consumer satisfaction by not only never  compromising on product quality but also backing up the brand.

*** The Business in Retail

Luyano opened its first retail store in the busiest street of Mugla/Bodrum which is known as Bars Street in April 2007. The name of the store which is  “CAT by Luyano” has drawn attention. Using cat figures in the 80% of the products and selling collections such as kitchen products and table sheets under the brand of “CAT by Luyano” got serious achievements. After that, it opened stores in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir and also gave the franchise to some malls all around  Turkey and this contributed to  fame of the brand.

** About production

As Luyano company, we have completed our product range with the projects we have given a start in 2005 by working together with  eligible suppliers (both local and foreign) that can produce our designs.

** Why our Enamel Products are in the Forefront Today?

Today we sell products under the name of our brand LunArt –Emaye with the high percentage of hand workmanship. All of them are enamel including its sides. Since in these products there is no chance of formation of bacteria or rust, these are preferred in food and gastronomy.

Our LunArt Emaye products with abundant color and type are preferred and used by many restaurants and cafes.

We create our product range in cooperation with manufacturers who do their businesses in the best way. The primary reason for us to be chosen is that we create products in accordance with needs in unique colors and models without sacrificing quality.

Today, cafes, restaurants, chefs and consumers are following us because we are adding hundreds of unique enamel products in our concepts. We also respond to the needs of  the overseas markets  while we are addressing the internal market of Turkey.

Especially, using marbling art on  enamel plates gets lots of credit as it is a different and new work of art. This concept that is 100% handmade is called  Marble since it gives the impression of marble. Our new series which is “splatter ware” is a handmade application too. On the other hand, we launch a new series with the decal application.

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