LunArt Enamel News

The production of String Enamel was scarce and limited to some products such as trays and buckets  in Turkey.

Our company became a pioneer in enamel production with much more improved techniques than the other brands at the end of 2004.  LunArt Enamel collection that offers abundant  color and shapes  was created in one of the best facilities in  our country. LunArt Enamel collection which is demanded much in across the country led some other brands to be born in this enamel sector. Thus, these brands have created their own designs and launched in both local and foreign markets. LunArt Enamel series drew attention in gastronomy (HO-RE-CA) fairs in a short time and it was widely accepted. With the preference of chefs, LunArt Enamel products were started to be widely used in both local and foreign markets.


String enamel feature; metal bodies’ sides have strings which means the sequel of the body is finished with enamel, not with a metal circle. So, there will be neither a formation of bacteria in the “String Enamel” products nor rusting on sides.   Enamel products can be used in every type of oven and cookers. (Induction oven included) Colorization of these products with special applications added aesthetics to them.  Since these colors are  created by natural elements  they are suitable for contact with food. It does not have noxious chemicals. Its color cannot change. It can be washed in the dishwasher.

The low temperature must be used for enamel products during both cooking and heating. Thanks to its glassy feature, the enamel radiates heat rapidly. This feature helps you save energy. Enamel products do not contain non-stick chemicals.  Because of that, it is recommended that foods such as rice should be cooked in lower temperatures in enamel saucepans. It is an irreplaceable container for  all saucy meals is resistant to acids. Besides, our enamel saucepans are ideal for those who prefer to make yoghurt at home.

We have some simple warnings for the usage of LunArt Enamel.

 Since enamel products have glassy surfaces, the surface can be damaged by powerful impacts and falling down. It can be used safely unless its interior surface(the surface that contact with foods) is damaged due to falling down and impacts.

 It can be washed by  hand or in the dishwasher. It is easy to clean.

 Food residues that can be formed as a conclusion of cooking in higher temperatures, can easily be cleared by warm water and white soap.

 The products whose enamel surfaces are not damaged can be used in microwave ovens.

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