“Every brand should have a character” slogan was adopted by LUYANO. It has become the first company in Turkey that operates in the sector of souvenirs and desktop. The character we determined for our company established in December 2004 is a “CAT” figure. “Cat” figure has become an identity for LUYANO across Turkey in the eyes […]

The production of String Enamel was scarce and limited to some products such as trays and buckets  in Turkey. Our company became a pioneer in enamel production with much more improved techniques than the other brands at the end of 2004.  LunArt Enamel collection that offers abundant  color and shapes  was created in one of […]

All materials that touch on foods may be decomposed. Enamel with its natural raw materials and nonporous structure protect the real taste of foods as well as helps you cook, serve and store them in the healthiest way. So it is the best kitchen and presentation material. The shortest definition of enamel is “coating metal with glass”. […]

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