Short Information About LunArt Enamel;

All materials that touch on foods may be decomposed. Enamel with its natural raw materials and nonporous structure protect the real taste of foods as well as helps you to cook, serve and store them in the healthiest way. So it is the best kitchen and presentation material. The shortest definition of enamel is “coating metal with glass”.

Difference; With its abundant color and designs, it is possible to make different and aesthetic presentations. Because of that, chefs choose Enamel service products lately.

Usage; It can be washed in the dishwasher. It can be safely used with  all heater types (Gas range – Hot plate – Induction oven – Oven) On the other hand, the products whose enamel surface are not damaged can be used in microwave ovens, as well.  Thanks to its conductive feature, it allows you to save energy by using minimum heat. Its cleaning is very easy; after you make it wait in warm soapy water, you can clear the dirt with soft touches. It is not required to use hard objects on surfaces. Enamel products are long-lived unless they are smitten with hard objects. This is another important feature of it.

ENAMEL cooking and service products are the healthiest kitchen products since they are made  from  glass, which is most suitable for cleaning.

LunArt Enamel products are made in Turkey.

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